Treedigger Holmac HZC 25

Ballenschneider Holmac HZC 25



The HZC 25 is predicated on the base model HZC 24, but it has a stronger Kubota diesel engine with 4 Cylinders instead of 3 Cylinders and a vibration gearbox with 4 weights instead of 3 weights.

So the machine has much more power and it can be used for root balls from 25 cm to 100 cm.

The machine is very flexible through its swing cylinder, which is a big advantage in narrow rows.

Technical Data

Rootball Dimensions:

25 cm - 100 cm
Lenght (without knife ): 247 cm
Width: 84 cm
Width (with open tracks): 123 cm
Height (roll bar included): 217 cm
Weight: 1600 kg (without blade)
4 cylinder Kubota diesel engine with 35 PS (26,2 KW)
1498 ccm displacement
1.Speed: max 3,5 km/h
2.Speed: max 6,5 km/h
Blade side movement