Plant excavater Sterrapiante


 Rodepflug Sterrapiante


The plant excavator is indispensable in the nursery for pulling out,baring their roots,fruit trees,vines,roses,seedbeds poplars,hornbeams,linden trees, etc.
It is completely hydraulic and the ploughshare can be moved up to a metre out of the gauge, depending on the tractor's width. It can be secured to the lifter of all 540 revolutions PTO tractors
by means of the three-point universal joint.

Technical Data

It is available in three versions:

Model Height Lenght Width Weight
MOD. 80 for 40-65 PS tractors 140 cm 210 cm 90 cm 350 kg
MOD. 85 for 60-100 PS tractors 160 cm 230 cm 110 cm 500 kg
MOD. 100 for 100-150 PS tractors 170 cm 280 cm 120 cm 680 kg