Transplanter Model TT

 Pflanzmaschine Modell TT


Transmission-less wheel-type transplanter,exceptiona when used for graft holders,wild plants,cuttings,nursery vines for poplar implants,(forest trees for reforestation)
packaged plants, (bay,cupressur paris leylandi etc. in maximum 7 cm cubes )
The distance between plants car vary from a minimum of 6 cm to any value multiple of six. It requires no maintenance and has no running corts
Version : 1-2-3 rows


Technical Data


Model Height Lenght Width Weight
Transplanter TT1 145 cm 210 cm 150 cm 380 kg
Transplanter TT2 145 cm 210 cm 200 cm 600 kg
Transplanter TT3 145 cm 210 cm 350 cm 900 kg